A partner for your team or project.

Hands-on Engineering Training​

Live hands-on training that is designed to get your engineers and technical leadership up to speed on many modern production operations skills, including Linux, containers, Kubernetes, Terraform, standard DevOps practices, and much more. The workshops can be given on-site or remotely and can be customized and combined to best fit your requirements.

Collaborative Engineering, Analysis
& Guidance

As an experienced production operations engineer to a team or working group for a short-term project. There are often times that having a fresh set of eyes on a team can be incredibly valuable. With a collaborative engagement, I can work directly with your teams, to help them accomplish an important business goal while bringing valuable experience, guidance, and engineering skills to the engagement. An added bonus is that a lot of natural learning also occurs for everyone involved.

Presentations & Talks

Are you looking for someone to join a discussion panel or talk about modern production operations practices? In addition to technical talks about things like Linux, containers, Kubernetes, Terraform, and standard DevOps practices. I can also cover many aspects of healthy technical cultures and how adopting specific skills and practices can help unlock the real potential of your engineering organizations.