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Course outcomes

  • Understand what Terraform is and the types of tasks you can manage with it
  • Learn how to use Terraform to manage objects via RESTful APIs
  • Explore Terraform modules, expressions, and functions
  • Learn how to set up a simple CI/CD pipeline around your Terraform code base

Course description

Join expert Sean Kane to learn everything you need to know to manage your infrastructure with Terraform, the tool that allows you to define and manage external components in a consistent and standardized manner, no matter what services your organization uses. You’ll get guidance on how to approach infrastructure management in ways that avoid many of the common pitfalls that organizations fall into, and you’ll gain confidence in your ability to use Terraform to create or enhance your infrastructure management practices.

Week 1: Introduction to Terraform

Week 2: Modules, Functions, and Expressions

Week 3: CI/CD and Workspaces

NOTE: With today’s registration, you’ll be signed up for all three sessions. Although you can attend any of the sessions individually, we recommend participating in all three weeks.

Hands-on learning with interactive sandboxes

All exercises and labs will take place within an O’Reilly interactive sandbox—a complete development environment that’s preconfigured with everything you need. There’s nothing to install or configure; just click a link and get started!

What you’ll learn and how you can apply it

  • Manage your infrastructure with Terraform
  • Leverage Terraform modules to provide reusable code
  • Write your own Terraform modules for code reuse
  • Examine Terraform repository layouts and best practices regarding CI/CD
  • Stand up a simple GitOps-based CI/CD system for Terraform

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